THE GEEK GATHERING: LOUD AND PROUD – Uplifting and Bringing Communities Together!

In September 2023, Gotcha’s Pizzeria, Kei Ai and Yes Sir! Events joined forces to bring the Linden community together through a niche market idea called the Geek Gathering, where geek, alternative and speciality goods would be sold to entice different communities to come together at least once a month, to share in their obsessions of the wonders of comic books, art, pop items and more.

Now in its eighth month, the team thought it appropriate to celebrate the Geek Gathering LOUD AND PROUD to honour diversity, creativity, community and of course, the geek culture.

Taking place on Saturday, 29 June at Garden on 4th in Linden, the Geek Gathering Market will bring together enthusiasts from all walks of life to share their passion for comics, games, science fiction, fantasy, technology, and more. Attendees can expect a vibrant and inclusive environment where everyone is encouraged to express their unique interests and identities freely.

But the Geek Gathering is more than just a way to bring the Geek and Linden communities together. It is a way to help small business owners, like the stall vendors of the market, to find another place to sell their wares; a way to supplement their income in a changing economy.

The market also offers visitors the option to donate money, food and other pet related goodies, and this is given to a different animal shelter every month. Recipients have included the Fourways Animal Shelter, Greenside Animal shelter and others.

The aim of this market is also to uplift the Linden community and to encourage other shop owners and restaurants to participant in the celebration of the day. The success of this market will eventually lead to creating a bigger street event, to further uplift and assist all the surrounding businesses and give them a chance to gain more patrons.

At these markets, not only can one buy niche merchandising and delight in delicious cuisine, there are also opportunities for struggling musicians and DJs to showcase their music and perform; musicians like Matthew Peaceful, Joy Joyce, Refilwe Sediti and more have serenaded patrons of Garden of 4th. We also host a Geek Quiz which has proved to be a huge highlight.

In 2024, because there was such demand from vendors to sell their produce, the market expanded to 65 on 4th Linden, which provided extra space for vendors and patrons.

The organisers have also added a night market for the first Saturday of every month as well, and on the first Thursday of every month, we present a music networking opportunity called MINT for all music industry people to meet up and exchange ideas and collaborate.

So join us a loudly and proudly as you celebrate EVERYONE, ALL COMMUNITIES (HUMAN AND NON-HUMAN), to add a little goodness to this world.

See you on Saturday, 29 June from 11am at Garden on 4th, Linden.

Stores at Garden on 4th include:
Feisal_De Vintage clothes
Rita’s 7 Scoops
Molly’s Basket and Bouquet flowers
Lemon Berry Soap and Nail bar
Belle restaurant (formerly Rustic Vine)
Robert Badenhorst Art Gallery


Some of the Stalls have included:
Sin Bin, Bubble Emporium, JB Curiosities, Mr Pencils, The Blood Bank, Ke Ai, The Red Thread, QiQi’s Creations, TMEI, Chaos Kraft, Iramnella, Estelle Sketched, Take Flight Creations, Renew Your Mind, Concrete Jungle, The Bleeding Tree, Nordic Leather, Gibsalot, Angelo’s Sketches, Dragonblade, Nightshade Lane, Nyankami Creations, Steamed Rabbit and more.

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Details for the monthly Geek Gathering:

Venue: Gotcha Pizzeria / Garden on 4th Centre Linden: 68 4th Ave, Linden, Randburg, 2104 and at 65 4th Ave, Linden.

Google Maps Links – Gotcha’s Pizzeria –

Garden on 4th –
65 on 4th, Linden –,27.9830076,15z/data=!3m1!4b1?entry=ttu