Two different artists, in two different cities, on two different continents, in two different time zones – one song.

Based in Sweden, Yellow Majesty is an audio-visual music project comprised of one man: Amir Haj-Bolouri. Yellow Majesty is described as a ‘disembodied playground’, where the fantasy world intersects with elements of our reality through surreal and atmospheric projections of sounds and visuals.

“It’s Anything You Want It To Be”
– lyrics from Yellow Majesty’s song ‘Honey Sweet’

Yellow Majesty is here to stimulate people to start using their imaginations more. As an artist who does so on a daily basis, it was not difficult for Haj-Bolouri to figure out a way to still make the music he wants, during the limitations of this pandemic.

Haj-bolouri co-ordinated with Alli Hart and they managed to connect musically and creatively, record a song and shoot a music video across two different continents, in different cities, in two different time zones, through the means of technology.

When Yellow Majesty wrote the song, the initial idea was to add female vocals to the mix.

‘A Song for the Weak’ is based on ideas and thoughts that can be divided into layers. A common denominator among these layers is the key word ‘weak’, which can be interpreted as something positive rather than negative. Being vulnerable, for example is a reminder that we are human beings, and so shouldn’t be viewed as being ‘weak’.

Inspired by Alli Hart’s energy in the movie “The Dinner Party”, in which she played the lead role, Yellow Majesty reached out to her via social media. Upon learning that Hart could also sing, and after hearing a sample of her vocals, Yellow Majesty knew that her energy and voice were exactly what his new track needed. Despite the fact that Hart lives in the US, the two synchronised their schedules and lives with technology, to create an inspiring piece of work.

“Having Alli on board the project has been a blessing because she is so talented and gifted, with an intuition that serves the song perfectly.”
adds Yellow Majesty

Hart reciprocated her sentiments, and after hearing the song and lyrics she knew that she had to collaborate with this multi-instrumentalist.

“When Amir (Yellow Majesty) approached me on Instagram and shared his reverence for my performance in the movie “The Dinner Party”, I can easily say that the feeling was mutual, after I had listened to his music and experienced his creativity. I respect the space he gives his music to come alive, and the way he leaves it open for interpretation is inspiring. It was a no brainer to work with him.”
says Hart

Hart recorded her vocals in Nashville, USA, and Yellow Majesty worked from Sweden.

“Technology helped us to coordinate the recording process, and for arranging and shooting the music video”
says Yellow Majesty. “This song is a testament towards the possibilities of connecting, creating and transcending boundaries and distance, especially during the wicked circumstances of the pandemic.”

The video takes place in Los Angeles, where we see three main characters that are captured within a story. The characters represent instances of what it means to be vulnerable as a human being, nevertheless during times of momentary despair and resistance (e.g., the pandemic). One character is a passionate believer who desires justice and change, we see the struggling artist/musician who struggles to make ends meet, and lastly we encounter the homeless youth who represents an amputated soul. Their vulnerability is manifested as what is usually perceived as weakness, but in reality, their vulnerability is also their source in achieving self-realization.

The performers of the video, being Alli Hart and Yellow Majesty, are not only the messengers of what the characters feel and experience internally, but they also do represent all of us who have experienced those ‘weak’ moments yet never given up being vulnerable. Hence, a song for the weak! 

The video is special because the two artists shot their segments in two different continents during a pandemic, “our creativity emerged and merged together” says Yellow Majesty.

Media wizards Jonas Andréen, Joakim S. Hammond, Steve Ellis, and Nicklas Lärka assisted in the production of the video, whereas the video was edited skillfully by the thorough Jonas Andréen, which essentially brought Yellow Majesty’s vision to life.

“Overall, this song and collaboration is a testament towards the possibilities of connecting, creating, and transcending boundaries and distance, especially during the wicked circumstances of the pandemic….”

The single and music video for ‘A Song For The Weak’ will be out on the 17th of September 2021.

Yellow Majesty’s single ‘Honey Sweet’ will be featured at Pictoplasma: The festival which will be held on the 17th & 18th of September and The festival is among top 3 best festivals on contemporary art and design!

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