Media Host has released a sneak peak of its “Year in Music Review Report,” which offers some incredible insights into the dynamic music landscape in South Africa. The report covers 2023, a year marked by both challenges and triumphs that have shaped the industry.

“We’ve delved deep into the heart of South Africa’s music scene, meticulously curating insights and trends that shaped the industry over the past year. From music identification and detection, through to the impact of industry leaders on the landscape, the report offers an in-depth look at what makes the South African music scene so vibrant,”
says Media Host CEO, Shanaaz Nel.

The vibe for 2023 was Amapiano. This homegrown sound didn’t just play; it led streaming and radio play with top artists in the genre, like Lady Amar filling our airwaves. Hamba Juba took over 400 hours of needle time during the year, dominating the space.

The good news for South African artists is that local radio and TV stations put local music first, offering more needle time to South African top 10 than global top 10 songs and artists.

Media coverage really highlighted the comeback of the SAMAs, showing off the guts and glory of our music scene, even in the face of tough challenges. Other events were also featured in the media, but it was great to see that SAMAs as a keyword was mentioned in over 1600 clips.

Social media is really where it’s at, where makers or breakers of industry are active. Luckily on platforms like X, sentiment for local music is still seen positively. Some great influencers are playing a key role in local music promotion and it’s great to see industry leaders weighing in to keep the conversation alive, especially when it comes to helping newer artists overcome challenges before, they break into industry.

Wrapping up the year on a high note, Tyla’s hit song “Water” shattered records, earning accolades and pride for Mzansi. Its remarkable success even led to a win at 2024 Grammy awards for the “Best African Music Performance” this year, marking a significant achievement for South African music on the international stage. Our comprehensive report brings together an array of valuable findings, including; Music Identification and Detection, Editorial Landscape Analysis, Impact of Industry Leaders, all made possible by our integrated platforms that can provide insights across the board for artists, producers and companies alike.

“We believe that our “Year in Music Review Report” will not only serve as a valuable resource for industry professionals but also provide inspiration for aspiring artists and enthusiasts. Whether you’re a music aficionado, industry insider, or curious observer, there’s something for everyone in our comprehensive analysis,”
says Nel.