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Boy meets girl. They fall in love. The end. 
Well, almost. This story is a little different.
We may be piling on the quirky romance, but everyone knows love can get more than a little messy…


Wretched is visual theatre experience that one “savours like a frothy chocolate milkshake” (Business Day, 2012): delicious, decedent and ever so slightly dark. It is a touching story about a pair of mismatched clowns (played by Jeremy Richard and Claudine Ullman), who fall instantly and entirely in love. They start a life together and then find themselves faced with all the trials and tribulations that being in a relationship brings. One misunderstanding leads to another, and then another, until their relationship teeters on the edge of a messy end, and there is nothing left to do but decide: is love enough?

Wretched, directed by Neka Da Costa (assisted by Nikki Pilkington) is written in collaboration with the cast. It is underscored by a live pianist, Tony Bentel, and engulfs in the audience in a world reminiscent of the era of silent films. The heavily stylised set and costumes, designed by Jo Glanville (assisted by Cammie Behrens and Andrea van der Kuil), emphasise the whimsical and macabre nature of the story, and the endearing combination of clowning, mime and shadow play highlights its delicate Charlie Chaplin-like quality.

Wretched, which made its debut at the National Arts Festival in 2012, is the second original creation from up and coming theatre production company: The Juicy Collective. The company, established by theatre maker Neka Da Costa and production designer Jo Glanville in 2012, aims to create fresh and original work through collaboration with performers and other artists both inside and outside the South African theatre industry. We are delighted to present Wretched at the Popart Centre in Johannesburg as a fundraiser for our tour to the National Arts Festival 2014.

Wretched will be showing 5, 6, 7 June 2014 at 20h00 & 8 June 2014 at 15h30

at Popart Centre, 286 Fox Street, Main Street Life, Moboneng Precinct, Johannesburg City