By Ray Cooney
Translation Peet van Rensburg
Director and Producer Frans Swart
Starring Phillru van Achterbergh, Botha Enslin, Marissa Claasen, Danielle Britz, Hugh Becker, Thiart Li and Etienne du Plessis
VENUE: Theatre of Marcellus, Emperors Palace, 64 Jones Road, Kempton Park
DATES: 29 August to 3 September 2023 | Tuesday to Saturday @ 20:00; Saturday & Sunday @ 15:00
The Afrikaans remake of one of the longest running shows in London’s West End, My Vrou se Man se Vrou, on stage at Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace from 29 August to 3 September 2023, follows the outrageous tale of John Smith, a taxi driver who becomes entangled in a web of chaos when his two worlds collide.  Because see, John has two wives… not mistresses, no!  He is legally married to both! 

My Vrou se Man se Vrou introduces us to John Smith’s two wives: Mary Smith and Barbara Smith.  Mary (#TeamMary) is John’s first wife, a sweet and naive beauty who is unaware of John’s double life.  Her innocence and sincerity make her a lovable character, even in the midst of the chaos.  On the other hand, Barbara (#TeamBarbara), John’s second wife, is a fiery woman with a sharp tongue.  Barbara’s strong personality adds to the chaos that ensues as John’s two worlds become more intertwined.  And to make matters worse, he has to evade his nosy neighbors, a determined journalist and two suspicious policemen!
The two lead roles are played by Phillru van Achterbergh (John Smith) and Botha Enslin (Stanley Gardner), undoubtedly two of South Africa’s best comic actors.  Add to this names such as Marissa Claasen (Mary Smith), Danielle Britz (Barbara Smith), Thiart Li (Journalist/Bobby Franklyn), Etienne du Plessis (Detective Sergeant Porterhouse) and Hugh Becker (Detective Sergeant Throughton), and you have the perfect mix for a hit production!
Frans Swart is the director and producer of My Vrou se Man se Vrou and comments: “I’m truly excited about the unbelievable cast – we have some outstanding comic talents among them.  Of course, My Vrou se Man se Vrou is one of those farces that contains all the elements needed to get audiences laughing and keep them laughing.  That proverbial “laugh per minute”.  And that is exactly what we would like to do with My Vrou.  We want people to come and relax and laugh about the carryings-on of John Smith and his two wives.  For isn’t that what all the scientists say – that laughter is the best medicine for stress?”
So, are you #TeamMary or #Team Barbara? And will they find out about each other? Come and find out at Emperors Palace’s Theater of Marcellus from 29 August to 3 September. Book your tickets at or visit  The production is presented with the proud support of Blu Blood, Crown National, the proud home of Six Gun Grill, Hollywood Costumes, Van Loveren Wines, Britz Couriers and Removals, Ambassador Execudrive and Lift Airlines.