The Film Premiere

SA short film, THE BULL, premieres this Thursday, 23 November, to cast, crew, supporters and industry VIPs at The Labia in Cape Town with a brief panel Q&A discussion offered after both screenings (one at 7pm and the other at 7h30pm). The filmmakers would like to submit the film to top tier international film festivals and are in the process of running an intensive crowdfunding campaign in the hopes of raising the funds required for festival submission fees.

THE BULL Short Film

The short film falls into the genre of magical realism as American-born / South African-at-heart writer and director Kelsey Egan explores the mythology of shape-shifting alongside South African traditions and themes of strength, longing and love of family.

Producer Benike Palfi says: “Kelsey’s been living in South Africa for over ten years and is completely enamoured with our beautiful country. It’s a love that is evident in all her work and THE BULL is no exception.”

Egan wrote the script about three years ago and promptly shelved it as she knew the complex production elements required to bring the story to life made the film practically “unproducible”; but producers Palfi and Rafeeqah Galant fell in love with the project and committed themselves into making the impossible a reality. Working closely with Kelsey, they managed to assemble a talented team to breathe life into the film.

With evocative cinematography courtesy of Christian Denslow and a phenomenal professional crew, this labour of love was shot in three and a half days in September 2017, with an additional pick-up shoot in early October during which a reduced crew managed to capture the live birth of a foal. The film was produced with virtually zero funding thanks to a diverse assortment of incredible supporters and sponsors, including but not limited to Panavision SA, Media Film Services, Katana Grips, Cosmesis Studios, MXFX, Refinery, I Love Foodies, Fria’s Superfoods, and a host of other local health food brands who contributed to the catering. The total value of the production is approximately R900,000.00 but the team managed to complete the film with a R40,000.00 contribution from Egan, who personally covered the hard costs of insurance, accommodation and additional catering.


The filmmakers want nothing more than to share THE BULL with the world, with the aim of showcasing what South African filmmakers are capable of achieving and their ability to compete at an international level.

Naturally, the more festivals submitted to, the greater the reach of the film and the higher the chance of a successful festival run. For this reason, the team is crowdfunding via Thundafund in the hopes of submitting the short film to at least 60 international top tier film festivals, including Cannes International Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival and the Melbourne International Film Festival.

The goal is to raise R200,000.00 in order to cover the costs of film festival submissions, marketing, publicity and the hard costs incurred during production. If the dream goal of R200,000 is reached, the filmmakers will also be able to send at least one representative overseas to attend the film’s festival premiere.

Palfi continues: “We had such an amazing team of cast, crew and supporters that were willing to throw themselves into the project whole-heartedly – for nothing but the love of film and good story!”

The team’s Thundafund campaign has received incredible support from everyone who was involved with the project, but the team is well-aware that the general public and possible investors who haven’t been involved in the project from the start won’t necessarilly be as devoted as they are and so are likely to need incentives to contribute.

To this end, the filmmakers have put together a tiered reward-based system whereby Thundafund donators receive sponsored prizes in exchange for their donations. These rewards range from an invitation to the Cape Town Premiere to personalised videos, dance lessons, specially-commissioned artworks, a private concert and a noteworthy visit with a Nguni Herd. Furthermore, if the goal of R200,000.00 is achieved, filmmakers will provide all supporters with a beautifully printed original soundtrack album for the film and cover the cost of mailing the disc to all supporters.

Support and Donate 

For more information on the film and to help the filmmakers share it with the world, please visit  https://www.thundafund.com/project/thebullfilm.

Follow along on social media via TheBullFilm on Facebook, @thebullfilmct on Twitter, @thebullfilm on Instagram and #thebullshortfilm.


WATCH THE TRAILER HERE: https://vimeo.com/243839652