Daniel Strauss, author of the best-seller, The Billionaire Mindset, will be releasing a brand-new book on 5 May 2023, which will be available online and in all good bookstores nationwide.

The Billionaire Career tells the story of Dan, an employee who lives from paycheque to paycheque.

He dreams about starting his own business and being his own boss but faces various challenges. How will he start a successful business without any money?

One day, Dan is confronted with a big decision that changes his whole future… It is important to note that his latest offering reads like a novel, and differs completely from his first book, The Billionaire Mindset, and is therefore not a sequel.

In The Billionaire Career, Strauss shares useful, practical advice that all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs will benefit from through Dan’s journey. The story contains valuable information on how to create wealth, how to learn more about yourself, give back, and build sustainable business systems.

Readers will easily relate to Dan, especially entrepreneurs or those in the early stages of owning their own businesses or who are still dreaming of starting their own companies.

Strauss successfully communicates complex business terminology such as shareholder value, risk vocabulary, and mentoring through Dan’s story, making it easy to understand by painting a beautiful picture that brings perspective and clarity and pushes you out of your comfort zone.

As in his previous book, the business term “Think above the line”, which Strauss created, comes into play once again. This time, it becomes even more clear what it means to “think above the line”, and you easily identify with Dan as an entrepreneur.

Daniel also incorporates the natural beauty of South Africa into the story and writes about seven beautiful places, the seven “weekend wonders”, that Dan must visit, which will inspire readers to look up these destinations and add them to their own bucket lists!

Strauss is a successful entrepreneur who invests in small- and medium-sized businesses to help them grow faster. He is the Strauss in the investment company, Stocks & Strauss and grew up in a small South African town called Keimoes on the banks of the Orange River, about 40 km from Upington and about 800 km from Cape Town.

He sold newspapers to earn an extra income when he was young. He promised himself that one day he would give back and use his knowledge to teach people how to open their minds and increase their chances of success.

Daniel Strauss believes that we are the strong people who create good times and that we have authority over our circumstances.

If there are enough entrepreneurs who come together and think at the same level, it can make a huge difference, he believes. It can help grow the economy, reduce unemployment, and build a better South Africa for everyone.

He talks to influential businesspeople like Christo Wiese, Dr Chris van der Merwe and Jo-Ann Strauss about this and the life lessons they’ve learned in his new TV talk show, Meer as net ’n loopbaan, which will be airing on VIA from 8 May 2023.