Local aerial and pole fitness studio offers a little extra happiness to underprivileged women – calls on the public to join the movement and Share The Love
Local women’s dance fitness studio, La Rouge SA, is bringing a little extra happiness and magic to the lives of under-privileged, under-loved women in Johannesburg in a powerful movement that taps into the essence of what Women’s Month is all about.
La Bella – I Am Woman is a beautifully choreographed show that uses aerial and burlesque dance, acrobatics, and live music to tell the story of an aspiring female performer who experiences some of the darkest challenges a woman can face in her journey to stardom. She is beaten down, yet rises through the muddy waters of abuse and broken self-confidence, clawing her way to her dreams – and in the journey, sharing the most powerful, inspiring, and elevating message of women’s empowerment.
At the heart of why this show was created is the very special Share The Love campaign, where La Rouge is inviting individuals and companies to sponsor one or more tickets for women from shelters, charities, and women’s homes to come and watch the show on 27 August 2023, experience some of the most breathtaking acts performed by the all-women cast, and take away the empowering message that comes through the show’s narrative.
“Women’s empowerment is at the heart of La Rouge SA – it’s why the brand exists, and everything we do is about helping women to build their self-confidence, and realise how precious and powerful they are,”
says founder Nataniel Pires. “Through our aerial, dance and pole fitness classes, we help women to not only build their strength and fitness levels, but experience first-hand how amazing their bodies, minds and spirits are, and what they can really achieve if given the right love and support.”
“As an extension of this, we wanted to do something really meaningful this Women’s Month, so we created the Share The Love campaign where we could rally together to take a number of women who rely on shelters, charities, and women’s homes away from the difficulties and challenges that they face on a daily basis, for one afternoon, and share an incredible experience with them that will hopefully leave them feeling inspired, loved, and knowing that there are people out there who care about them,”
says Pires.
As a small studio, La Rouge is reaching out to individuals, groups and companies for support to help sponsor one or more tickets for these women to attend the show. Sponsorships for items to put into goodie bags for the ladies to take home with them are also welcome, so that the love doesn’t end when the show does, but goes with the ladies after the curtains close.
We feel so privileged to be able to share the 27 August show with these ladies,” says Pires. “Our performers have been working tirelessly for weeks, in between full-time jobs, and taking care of families, to create a show that is not only breathtaking to watch, but that carries with it a heartfelt and inspiring message for all women.”
La Bella – I Am Women is running from 9 August to 9 September 2023 at The CIRK in Cresta Shopping Centre, with tickets available for purchase by the general public here.
List of women’s charities/shelters/homes
* Frida Hartley Foundation (they don’t have transport though)
* Tshegofatsha Rona GBV shelter in Kempton Park
* Survivors of GBV from the Department of Social Development
* Mercy Haven GBV shelter
* Thembalami old age home
* Sisters Incorporated
* Wings of Inspiration
* The Compass Group
* Alex Theatre Company & Academy