By Alistair Anderson

Pat McCay is the latest singer songwriter to hit SA’s pop music scene. He comes across as singer and guitarist, and not someone obsessed with loops and exotic instruments, which is refreshing in 2020.

His voice is very clear which is welcoming in a world where so many musical performers mumble. This is a good CD to listen to while driving around in SA’s desolate cities under lockdown.

The album opens nicely with the song Ready. Pat wants to take you on a journey and he isn’t set to be arrogant or patronising along the way.

My favourite track on the album is Shape Shifting. It’s a singalong that would fit into a festival. Pat needs to play that early evening slot at music festival, as the sun sets.

I want to say this guy could be SA’s Pete Yorn. Pete Yorn released the best record to listen to when hungover – Music for the Morning After, back in 2001. Now SA has McCay and it’s definitely okay for him to be around. He has brought us a laid-back confident record which is welcomed.

Hopefully McCay will tour bars and markets when they reopen post the Covid pandemic. Hell, you could sit in a bar with your mask and chill to Pat McCay pretty easily.

Nowadays, if local South African artists want to make a career out of being a musician, they need to be authentic. So far, Pat McCay fits that bill.

Pat McCay has just released his new album Ready and it is available on these platforms: