Growing up, I have always known of Betadine as an antiseptic ointment; if I ever had a wound or deep cut, I would use Betadine to prevent infection (trusted by my mother), and the strange yellow/brown gel like cream would do wonders.

Recently I learned that Betadine have a whole range of ointment and I was given the Betadine Fungal Nail Treatment to try out.

Luckily I don’t have any fungal infections nor do I suffer from psoriasis, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to see what it could do on ‘normal’ toe nails.

What I did notice, after a week of using the cream (every night before I went to sleep), was that my nail bed looked shinier, smoother and the skin around the nail, which is usually dry, looked softer. There was also less discolouration on the nail bed.

Everything promised by the product, was delivered.

I am confident to say, that should I ever need a fungal cream, this would be my first choice.

It is also the perfect time to get toes, toe nails and feet looking healthier, for open toe shoe season

*Betadine™ Emtrix™ Fungal Nail Solution is used to treat discoloured and deformed nails resulting from fungal infection or psoriasis1B – and within eight weeks, it improves nail thickening, discolouration, brittleness and softness. Results are noticeable after one week of treatment.5
Fungal nail infections affect 19% of adults across the world6, 50% of the elderly7, as well as children8. Psoriasis affects 2-3%9B of the population, 80% of whom could have nail psoriasis9A. Betadine™ Emtrix™ Fungal Nail Solution is applied directly to the site of infection and changes the nail itself, improving the surface and keeping it in good condition.

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