For Youth Day this year, here is a power line-up comprising of a few artists across the Just Music, Mongrel Records and STFD Records roster.

If Next Music was the Mom, her three kids would be “Just Music”, the diligent, straight A student, “Mongrel records”, the angsty, rambunctious teen and “STFD Records”, the over thinking, analytical music nerd.

Just like any Mom though, she loves all her kids the same and celebrates their differences! Come celebrate these differences with us on Thursday the 16th of June at Woodstock Brewery!

Doors open at 11am and live music starts around 1pm!
Kayleigh Bell
Stanley Sibande
West Coast Wolves
Nomadic Orchestra
Ruff Majik

Buy Tickets here:
Early Bird = R150pp (P.S there’s a little surprise for you real “early bird catches the worm” peeps)
Online 18+ = R200pp
Online 13 – 17 Years = R100 (Must be accompanied by an adult)
Door 18+ = R250pp
Door 13 – 17 Years = R150 (Must be accompanied by an adult)
Free entrance for kids under 13 years of age (Must be accompanied by an adult)