Everyone’s favourite rabbit comes to life in NCT’s Peter Rabbit and Me from 05 July to 04 August.
NCT is thrilled to present the story of how one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time, the story of Peter Rabbit, came to be written. It’s a happy production filled with fun, adventure and, of course, with Peter in the story, a load of mischief! Join young Beatrix Potter and her brave brother as they each wish for something different to happen in their lives. Her brother hates the idea of going off to boarding school. Beatrix is sad that her best friend, her brother, is being sent off while she is stuck in the dreary nursery room with her governess. Fortunately she is a resourceful child and is able to make the most of her boring and dispiriting nursery and the restrictions of the way wealthy families brought up their children in the 1800s, to another world where imagination can run riot. So Beatrix enjoys spending her time creating adventures for Peter and his family. And Peter does have adventures, and does get into trouble! Fortunately, Beatrix is in charge of the story and is able to plan his rescue: all is under control.

Themes: No matter our circumstances, we can not only think up an alternate world with a little imagination, and we can implement it too. “It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how.”

The play is performed by a versatile cast, directed by Ivor Jones, set and costumes by Sarah Roberts, musical direction by Christine Ludwig, lighting by Jane Gosnell, and stage managed by Sinenhlanhla Zwane.

When: 05 July to 04 August at 10:30 and 14:30
Where: NCT, 3 Junction Avenue, Parktown
Length of show: 65 minutes with interval
Ages: All, best from 3 up
Ticket prices: R120
Quicket: https://qkt.io/NCT-PeterRabbit