As part of the SAHETI’s 50th Anniversary celebration, artist Yannis Generalis will be exhibiting a retrospective of his works spanning 25 years which includes a walkabout and discussion about his journey, process and evolution as an artist.

Listening for Light reflects Generalis’ poetic line of how he deals with his work; slightly cynical, slightly optimistic as well as the multiple media he uses in his work.

“I will be showing pieces that communicate my storytelling in the various artworks that have been selected for the show. My inspiration often comes from poetry, music and lyrics, as well as literature. My motivation, however, is usually drawn from my own experiences as a queer man in relation to an ever evolving socio-political landscape. I address issues such as prejudice, stereotyping, despair, love lost and love found. In essence, in my art-making, I’m always Listening for Light.”
Yannis G. April 2024

This exhibition is part of the MADD ( Music, Arts,Drama & Dance) initiative . The exhibition will be opened by Gordon Froud ( HOD of visual Arts at University of Johannesburg) on Friday, 12 April at 6:30 PM. On Saturday morning 13 April, at 10:30, the artist will be hosting a walkabout where he will be discussing his work in greater detail with the public . The consul General of Greece, Mr. Konstantinos Chatzithomas will be discussing aspects of poetry and literature, contextualising certain personal points of origin in art-making.

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