Adolfo Troncoso got his first guitar at the age of nine years old from his mother.
“I was so overtaken by this beautiful instrument and started to learn how to play it, as well as the piano from my grandmother’s old “pianola.”” says Adolfo.

He wrote his first composition at the age of ten years old as a gift to a family friend and thereafter, he knew that music would be his life’s path.

As an adult he became the Director of the Hispanic Division for TM Century in Dallas, (the largest jingle company in the world.) 
He was in charge of composing and arranging new Spanish jingles for the Latin market. Not long afterwards, he created his own company, AT Productions, which was dedicated to producing radio/television commercials, tv shows, infomercials and jingles. 

“My biggest passion has always been writing songs and lyrics. I produced, “Recuerdos,” my first album, with the desire to share my music with the world.” he continues.

Bronwen Kerry spoke to Adolfo Troncoso about his music journey. Listen to the full interview here:

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