Multifaceted Afrikaans singer-songwriter and Psychologist Hanru Niemand has released a new EP called ‘’n App vir Alles’. In true Niemand style, this three track EP is a tongue in cheek look at modern society.
With this approach, which is usually evident in his music and has become his trademark, he looks at the light and dark side of technology; the serious and yet humorous nature of our modern lives.

The first track ‘Tinder My’ is a very relatable title and song – we are all aware of the new way of ‘meeting’ people.

“The first single on the EP, Tinder My, takes a topsy-turvy look at the many difficulties of the modern-day dating game, the romantic expectations people have of each other and the inevitable disappointment that waits around the corner in most cases,”
says Hanru. 

This track is my favourite out of all the songs, as it is heavier and more alternative. It has an edgy guitar riff with a catchy melody.
The music composition and arrangement is original and quite different from his usual style of song writing. I did feel that the vocals needed to be mixed more within the song, with perhaps a few more vocal harmonies, but overall I really enjoyed listening to this track.

‘Mr Delivery’, an ode to the app that feeds us, Niemand shares his signature sound of folk and I enjoyed the use of Banjo. His voice is clear and the vocals blended well with the band. It has a very Monty Pythonesque feel to the song; it’s fun and playful, and a mixture of Afrikaans with bits of English makes it very accessible and the perfect ode to an app.

The last track ‘Is Daar ‘n App Daarvoor’ is a little more melancholic but once again contains beautiful melodies and strings in the music. Niemand’s voice is so easy to listen to and his annunciation is perfect. Although sadder, this song tugs at the heart strings without being boring and is also so well written and thoughtful.

Overall the EP is enjoyable, original and well produced. I love Niemand’s concepts throughout and could listen to this EP on repeat; it is the perfect mix of light and dark and each song is different and exciting. Niemand is a strong song-writer, he is very thought provoking and each song is memorable and unique.

‘n App vir Alles was produced by the talented Riku Lätti under his music label, Die Wasgoedlyn Musiek.
Musician Riku is on electric guitar and accordion, Clayton Arendse on electric guitar, Jean Marais on drums, and Mark Ellis on bass guitar. Francois (HA!Man) le Roux contributed on the cello, while Christo Groenewald provided backing on the double bass. Hanru himself sings, plays the acoustic guitar and banjo on all three of the tracks.

I chatted to Niemand about this next chapter in his music catalogue.

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