The Moon is responsible for creating a rhythm that has guided humans for thousands of years.

The Full moon is a time for releasing and letting go of things that no longer serve us…

Friday 29 September – Cape Town & Saturday 30 September – Jozi, The moon is full and we’re leaving the Earth’s atmosphere behind!

We’re heading through the stars STRAIGHT TO THE MOON!

We’re taking H2O Party out of this world!!!

Prepare for an immersive experience that will engage your senses, stimulate your imagination and transport you to the moon!

An intergalactic journey through the most exciting genres of electronic music, from Techno to House, Trance to Disco, and more!

A time to connect with the magic of the lunar energy and experience a new dimension in partying!

Under Sun Dreams and Moon Beams our H2O dance floors come alive with the energy of music and dance.

H2O Party will blast off into a lunar wonderland, complete with state-of-the-art production across multiple sound stages, that will transform our outdoor venue spaces into a celestial oasis featuring International artists, SA’s top talent, live performers, aerial artists, and future forward experiences.

Take a trip to the moon with us for the ultimate celebration of music, dance, and disconnected – connection.

Exciting Ticket info:


What is a freedom pass?? – It’s a Free party ticket to the moon!!!!

We have a limited batch of Freedom passes, sent directly from our new friends on the moon available for each city.

Register for access to your freedom pass, downloads open 29 March 2023 – if you have not registered, you will not have access to download your FREEDOM PASS.

Please remember: Freedom passes are limited, and are on a first come first serve basis.

Freedom passes are *subject to R35 admin fee*

Ticket prices:

First man on the moon tickets: (Super Early Bird)

GA: – R150 VIP: R350 V-VIP: R1500

Launch pad tickets: (Early Bird)

GA: – R250 VIP: R450 V-VIP: R1750

Preparing for lift off tickets: (Phase 1)

GA: – R300 VIP: R550 V-VIP: R2000

Blast off tickets: (Phase 2)

GA: – R450 VIP: R650 V-VIP: R2500

Outer space tickets: (Final Phase)

GA: – R550 VIP: R750 V-VIP: R3000

All tickets are subject to 10% booking fee

Official Sales open: 31 March 2023

Get cosmic – we encourage you to dress up in your wildest, most creative outfits and let your individuality shine.