SAMA 2021 winners Die Heuwels Fantasties are currently busy with the recordings for their VOLUME II album that will be released early in 2022. It follows on the heels of the recent album VOLUME, a musical treasure trove that consists of an eclectic mix of acoustic hits, pop-punk, synth-ballads and a touch of electro-folk.

One morning, on the way to the studio for the day`s recordings, Lucas Maree`s song “Victoriabaai” played on the radio. Pierre Greeff says: “We turned the volume up full blast! Fred immediately said that we should drop everything that we had planned for that week and record a Heuwels tribute version of this fantastic timeless summer song. We phoned Coenie de Villiers to find out if he was available to collaborate with us on the track and to our surprise, he said that he was part of the original recording with Lucas in the 80`s. It was written in the stars! Coenie just had to be part of our new version and we are thrilled to have recorded a track with him for the first time in 10 years. The author, our friend Deon Meyer, visited in studio (Sunset Recording Studios in Stellenbosch) and ended up singing on the backing vocals. It was a day of relaxation, fun and hope. Thank you for listening to our tunes. We look forward to introduce VOLUME II to you early in the new year.”

Fred den Hartog says: “We love that song because we feel that it encapsulates the true spirit of December holidays and togetherness in our beautiful country South Africa. We hope that you will enjoy it too!”
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