Singer- songwriter Casper Stone, who is also a practicing psychologist, started playing guitar and saxophone during his high school years. He is well-known for being one part of Stones & Bones, an afro soul house duo that has had major success with their two tracks from their EP “In the Name of Love”.
During lockdown in 2020 Stone became aware of an increasing need for a different form of musical expression that would capture the reflections of people’s daily lives and experiences. This inspired his journey as a solo artist and birthed his debut EP ‘Raw Reflections’.

Casper Stone spoke to Bronwen Kerry about his latest EP, how music serves as a form of therapy, the psychology behind his music and more.

“People always say as a psychologist you’re always listening to people’s problems, and sure…but you’re listening to people’s stories.. A problem is a part of a story; the story has many elements,…” says Stone about how he views being a psychologist. This has definitely influenced the way he approaches his song writing and what inspired his approach to his new EP.

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