The National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) is seeking established and aspiring adjudicators in the performing art genres of classical and contemporary music, dance, speech and drama and the visual arts. Those interested in becoming actively involved in adjudicating this year are invited to apply. Being a member of the NEA Adjudicator’s Forum will entail possible adjudication at the many, and various NEA Eisteddfod events.

One of the features of the National Eisteddfod that distinguishes it from other similar events is its unique style of adjudication – the NEA views the eisteddfod ‘experience’ as a learning opportunity, not merely as just another Who’s got talent? event. Therefore, the NEA expects its adjudicators to be educators-at-heart – educators that can embrace the NEA’s values of passion and compassion, integrity and credibility, inclusiveness, respect for the uniqueness of each participant and an awareness of and pride in our multi-cultural diversity.

Dr Francois van den Berg, CEO of the National Eisteddfod Academy describes ‘adjudication’ as being “the means to provide each performer with the most reliable, constructive and authentic feedback on his performance that can be provided within the time constraints,” and the challenge of adjudicating a performance and providing constructive feedback as being “the real moment of truth.”

“This is what defines the legitimacy and developmental value of the Eisteddfod programme, and with this in mind the NEA, in its quest for excellence in adjudication, has defined a specific style of adjudication that acknowledges individual achievement and emphasises the joy of participation in the arts.”

If you are a person that is passionate about the arts, an expert in your field, enjoy working with children, value the arts as a unique tool for building self-esteem and confidence in our youth, and is interested in becoming an NEA adjudicator during 2023, then please apply!

For an application form please email your details to or contact the NEA office 011 886 6005.

The application form can also be downloaded from the website here:

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