Brixton based experimental artist residency LAPA is inviting Pan-African artists to apply for its Season II residency Open Call.  The residency invites two artists working as duo or pair to apply before the set deadline of Friday 15 July 2022.
Taking influence from Roger Robinson’s ‘A Portable Paradise’ (2022) and Albert Camus ‘Create Dangerously’ (1957), the residency wonders on theories and practices of collectivity, third spaces, shared inquiry and co-citizenship to consider art as a social practice.
LAPA is hosted by the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg and consists of a co-working space, workshops and an art reference library. Enacting the term LAPA, the residency becomes a space of communing, exploring memories of home and world-making. As a process-based residency for artistic research, artists are afforded the space to determine their method and work-plan as motivated by the demands of their research. LAPA commits to facilitating this by offering a welcome, working space, supportive programme of discussions, and connections to other art professionals.
Nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Brixton Johannesburg, LAPA prides itself in championing artist-led community engagement.  As a residential community, the residency experience is timed by the everyday commotion of life. LAPA is situated in the Breezeblock complex, Up the hill from the South African Broadcasting Commission, a structure of nationalist tele-communications, and marked by the looming Sentech tower which has a broadcast network strong enough to reach Sudan. Brixton has been home to a multitude of communities, with a cemetery connecting neighbouring areas.