The five-track release eludes easy classification, with the South African-born, London-based artist moving with conviction through music that is dramatic and orchestral (Dreaming Again), hushed and textured (Can I Get High on You?), visceral and kinetic (Heaven Breathes Out) and other-worldly and rhythmic (Vegas).

Available on all streaming platforms from 30 July 2021, ROMANCE WAS BORN includes first single, Gong, which was released earlier in 2021. Together with its accompanying video, the song earned critical acclaim for its moody, dark and unforgettable sound and visuals.

Indeed, it’s this combination of her singular music with different elements of artistic expression that ensures Wolf stands out; that enables her to inhabit the worlds of both conceptual art and pop, with her songs ready to transport listeners, fill the dance floor and climb the charts.

“In so many ways my creativity starts from a visual impulse that then starts fluttering through the music,”
says Wolf. “The songs on the EP contain imagery and stories that surfaced within me and found expression in, first my demos, and then with Matthew (Fink) who is truly like a wizard in the studio.”

Already the songs on ROMANCE WAS BORN have been earmarked for inclusion in a feature film which will simultaneously see Wolf taking on her first significant acting role.

The next single, CAN I GET HIGH ON YOU? has been transmuted into a video that is the most visually stimulating work Wolf has ever produced – its extraordinarily affecting visuals echoing the push and pull that is the signature of her song writing and acting as a shortcut into the intimate world that Wolf is creating and evolving.

The song was produced by Matthew Fink and tells the tale of a toxic relationship and how one’s mind can get webbed in patterns of thoughts. By using the perfect amount of movement through instrumentation, Anna explains that Matthew knew what this body of work would require.

In the music video, produced by South African director, Christell de Wet (KLAK), we see Anna gasping for air and out of the murky water a swan appears to be born out of Anna’s mouth. The grace and white feathers of the swan represents new life, the change that death brings and the gratitude that one experiences when loss is felt.