An exhibition of the Photo Incubator Edition 7 at The Market Photo Workshop with support from the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture.

25 March 2023, 11h00

The Photo Workshop Gallery and Gallery 1989, Market Photo Workshop
Interactive activations by participating practitioners from 11h30 – 13h30.
Curated by: Refilwe Nkomo

Intaba eyakhanyiswa ilanga
the world is deep
it’s up, it’s down, it’s round and round and round and round
What is it to belong?
water and soil, blood and pain
look beyond the day
this audio is visual

The old adage goes that “the only way out is through”, and after a challenging two years, the world is emerging to a place a little worse for wear, a little bruised, with many who stood beside us gone. The precarity is nothing new, artists have been navigating precarious environments for centuries – what then can we learn from viewing this precarity anew, from experiencing it fully as we have, walking, sometimes crawling, through it, emerging once again. What new modes of being and ways of working form part of an imaginary that includes us all, in healthy and empowering ways? What kinds of economy, of resources, of sharing exist and can exist to serve us better? To serve all of us better? How do we create the kinds of spaces and things that we need and how do we do that in ways that honour those who came before us, whilst grappling with knowledges and archives that are constructed, contested and incomplete? Therefore, completion is not the goal, we exist in the deep, in the round, moving through, always through.

Now in its 7th year, the Photo Incubator programme invited six artists/entrepreneurs to imagine, engage and emerge through the thicket – through a six month programme, the six of them journeyed collectively and separately, to a place not unlike other places of process, of imagining, of creation, a place of inquiry and exploration reflected through their projects, an emergence, going through.

Participating Practitioners:
Andiswa Mkosi’s project TAIV Rentals is a response to the lack of documentation of artistic voices and the lack of quality and affordable resources. Through the podcast and photo series of her peers, she occupies the space of documentor and ally, of critic and reflector.

Tshepiso Mabula’s work interrogates the archive, particularly family archives and invites others to engage with their own histories, legacies and archives in familial and intimate ways.

Naledi Mkupa creates digital spaces and tools for artists and creatives to engage with social media in more productive, profitable, healthier and empowering ways.

Ngoma kaMphahlele takes us into the sounds and life of what he has termed Jazzland, an intergenerational confluence of music, image and life. Through this interdisciplinary approach he invites home, familiarity and belonging into the space.

Nqobile Sithole’s project is located in the sharing of knowledge and learning which takes place using art in schools and communities.

Melusi Masike’s body of work engages family, ritual, culture and belonging through an interactive installation of images, augmented reality, poetry and text.

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