16-year old JESS ROBUS releases debut Children’s Book, ‘Arnold the Not Dinosaur’

Childhood, family, identity, belonging and everything in between…

That is what sixteen-year-old author Jess Robus aims to tackle in her newest book Arnold the Not Dinosaur, set to be released on the 22nd April 2023.

Beautifully illustrated by Holly Evers, Arnold the Not Dinosaur tells the tale of great green galumphing dinosaur Arnold who must grapple with issues of personal identity and staying true to himself in a world full of people insisting that he must be something other than what he truly is.

Jess’s first book, an original anthology of poetry entitled a few slivers of light, published in 2021, chronicled her experience with anxiety & depression in a way that was accessible to her fellow teenagers.

With Arnold the Not Dinosaur, she hopes to open discussions around mental health and identity with younger children – providing an opportunity for healthy dialogue around complicated questions.

This book is perfect for children aged 0-7 years old, although readers of all ages can appreciate the sensitive story and beautiful illustrations.

Jess states excitedly, “I wrote this kids’ book when I was twelve years old – still a kid myself! – because I knew even then that I wanted to share the important message of kindness and self-acceptance with other young people. I’m so incredibly excited to release this book and open important conversations with young people, letting them know that they are loved, wanted, and good enough just as they are.”

The book is in a Dyslexic-friendly font, making it easier to read for those that battle with Dyslexia.

Award-winning speaker and 5-times best-selling author, Nikki Bush had this to say about Arnold the Not Dinosaur; “Jess’s youth gives her unique insight into diversity and inclusion. Invisibility and not fitting in are real issues for children and can be damaging to their self-concept with long term ramifications into adulthood. Children are a work in progress. Each one is different in some way that makes them unique. This book is a celebration of uniqueness and difference. Arnold the Not Dinosaur is a great conversation starter and a contribution to creating a kinder world.”

Arnold the Not Dinosaur is set to be released on Saturday, 22nd April 2023 as part of the weekend of World Book Day Celebrations (which is recognised on 23rd April).

The book retails for R130 (excluding postage & packaging) and will be available for purchase on Jess’s Website as well as via Paystack at https://paystack.shop/jess-robus-shopfront.

Pre-order requests can currently be emailed to Jess at jess@jessrobus.com

The book will also be available at upcoming Storytelling Sessions that are currently being scheduled and finalised around Joburg and Gauteng.